11 hours, 25 million movies and 86 teachers.

That is right, 86 teachers are involved in this exchange. 70 primary and 16 secondary from all across England. All here to learn and improve their teaching.

The first exchange was in 2015, and involved similar numbers. Just like this time, the 2015 exchange led to teacher showcase events across the country. This is where schools from a region were invited to watch the Shanghai teachers teach a lesson. One such primary school was Chetwynd Primary School in Nottingham.

I had the opportunity to visit this school in July of 2018 and see how their teaching was 3 years on from the Showcase. The easy way to say it, and how I have described it to other people is, “it blew my mind”. All of the teachers there were people who had History degrees, English degrees yet they knew more about how to teach Maths than I did after 21 years of teaching. They were a truly inspirational group of people, who had hated Maths at school but now all loved it! Because they understood it.

Their results? 97% of students making expected progress at Maths in Y6. The national figure is around 60-70%. In a school that is not in an affluent area.

This is the journey I and my brilliant Maths department are on. It won’t happen overnight, it is going to take time, 3 years we think. But it will definitely be worth all the hard work.

And to finish, out of the 25 million movies I watched. Film 2018 with Mr Styles recommends “Bobby Robson: more than a manager”, not really a story about football, but a tale of a truly wonderful human being.

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