Shanghai Surprise!

The picture you see above is the first thing we saw as we pulled up to our hotel. A park where people dance, play music, sing and ballroom dance just because they feel like it.

Shanghai Surprise! Well I guess it is the difference in the reality of China to the portrayal I have been given over the years.

Everyone we have met has been so happy and lovely. Only two other places I have visited have been as good, North Wales and Belgium.

Yesterday morning we attended the event below

That is the minister for education in China signing an agreement with the UK to extend the exchange programme for another 5 years. This was part of the news on Chinese TV.

And again, every single person at this event was so nice, helpful and happy.

The event was put on by the Shanghai University where one of the world leading academics on education spoke to us about the great steps forward China had made, but that there was still a long way to go.

Professor Gu discussed the importance of concrete materials to embed concepts, and how this helps students to fully understand remainders. But a man who has spent 54 years thinking and working on how we best learn Maths is still striving to improve his practice. And was openly frustrated that he hadn’t cracked it all.

And as we finished the day with a walk on the famous Nanjing Road, the moon was aptly shining down on one amazing place.

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