Watch out for the Electric bikes!

A rainy day greeted us for our visit to our third school. Once again we were met with warmth and more respect than I have ever had as a teacher in the UK.

Our visit started with a formal presentation, gift giving and photos. All the teachers are so proud of their school, the work they do and their students.

We saw three lessons, two Y7 and one Y8, each one showed how much further these students have come Mathematically than those in Britain. The reason this is the case stems from the work done in their Primary Schools, and these lessons all build on the 5 big ideas we are starting to introduce our schools.

Representation: Using concrete materials and pictures to help students visualise the Maths.

Small Steps: Learning maths in small chunks so students really understand.

Fluency: Giving students the skills and knowledge to work with numbers.

Variation: Showing students what it is, and what is isn’t.

and Problem solving: Putting the Maths into real life contexts as well as different situations.

Our afternoon finished with the students proudly presenting their skills, dancing, music, poetry and caligraphy.

We were presented with some great art the students had produced for us.

What lovely people!

Also I realised I forgot to give the answer to the problem of making 24 with the numbers 5,5,5 and 1. It is

(5 – 1√∑5) x 5.

And to finish one thing to watch out for in Shanghai are the millions of people riding silent electric bikes. They seem to ride where ever they want, through red lights, on the pavement and usually while texting. How we have not seen an accident I don’t know. And to top it all, on our way to the school we witnessed a man in a wheelchair being pushed along a dual carriageway, but the cars, electric bikes, bicycles all managed to avoid him and themselves. Lovely people and very skilled at avoiding each other!

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