Don’t look down!

So today our partner teachers, took us to see some sights of Shanghai and the picture above is the view from the glass walkway 263m above the ground.

Once again I need to tell you how amazingly generous and kind they have been. We were picked up by the schools driver, and driven to all the sights we could fit in that day, and their school paid for it all.

The first on our trip was the amazing Oriental Pearl tower, what a view of a incredible city. We had food in the revolving restaurant 267m up in the air and then moved on.

The next stop was the history of Shanghai museum, which just showed me how little I knew about Eastern history. Shanghai at one point had areas controlled by the British, French, Germans and the US. And the one group of people that prospered under this time was the Chinese gangsters, the stories talk about how they could be in trouble with the British but once they crossed into the French area then they were safe from prosecution.

Next stop was a temple, ah peace and tranquillity we thought. Well try and imagine if you can a church but inside the church someone has decided to put Blackpool. Then you are close to what it was like. A good place for present shopping but not thought and relaxation.

Haggling was the order of the day and some of us were more successful than others. I realised I would be rubbish at this so decided this was not the place for me to do my purchases.

Lastly one thing to remember when you come to such a different country is the food. Some of us have found it more challenging than others.

It is very different and tonight at dinner the comment which made us chuckle was “They have even made the broccoli disgusting, how can they do that.”

A great city with great people and unusual food is what sums this place up.

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