Never mention Crazy Golf!

So here is the story of our first day in one of our partner Chinese schools.

6:45 down for breakfast.

7:15 Back up to room to put suit on, quite a few of us had agreed the last thing we wanted was food all down ourselves when we went to our schools.

8:00 Taken to our partner schools, (the original plan was we would get taxis, but they insisted on picking us up, which was really kind of them).

8:30 Arrive at school.

9:00 Meet vice principal. Taken on a tour of the school.

9:50 Watch morning exercise.

10:00 Go on stage in front of 1200 students, be passed microphone, introduce yourself and say a few words! We were not expecting that.

10: 10 Observe first lesson. Realise you should have sat nearer to translator as it is quite hard to follow a lesson in another language.

11:00 While on a tour of the school and when being shown the mini golf area, you mention in passing to the other English teachers you once played at the World Crazy Golf championships.

11:01 The other English teachers think it would be funny tell the Chinese teachers.

11:02 You get asked to teach a Golf lesson in the afternoon by the Chinese teachers.

11:03 Regret ever mentioning Crazy Golf.

11:04 The other English teachers laugh at you.

11:05 They continue to laugh at you.

11:30 Lunch with the Head Teacher

1:00 You watch your second lesson. This time you sit nearer the translator.

2:30 Tour of some school lessons.

3:00 You arrive at mini golfing area where the Chinese teachers explain to the Golf coach you played golf with Tiger Woods.

3:01 You frantically explain what Crazy Golf is.

3:02 English teachers are now crying with laughter.

3:03 You are asked to demonstrate to the students how to putt the ball.

3:04 You miss the hole!

3:05 You decide never ever to mention to anyone ever again that you once played at the World Crazy Golf championships!

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